Estate and Trust Administration

We will help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities when a loved one dies. If you are an executor or administrator we will work with you following proper probate and estate procedures so you do not have become personally liable to the beneficiaries and for the decedent's debts. We will help you meet important deadlines in administering an estate. If you are a beneficiary of an estate or trust we will make sure you receive what you are entitled to.

Our services cover:

  • Probate of a will and qualification of a personal representative
  • Probate of estates without a Will and qualification of a personal representative
  • Assistance with locating, gathering and valuing assets
  • Advising you on the duties and responsibilities of executors, administrators and trustees and assisting you in carrying out those duties
  • Working with you and your accountant on income tax requirements
  • Preparing estate and trust accountings
  • Preparing estate and inheritance tax returns
  • Helping you make distributions properly to avoid personal liability for mishandling an estate

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